The Health Researcher’s Toolkit: Why Sex & Gender Matter

About these modules: To produce robust and useful findings, it is critical to integrate considerations of sex and gender in health research studies. Yet, it is not always easy to figure out how best to do this when study methods can vary so widely. The seven modules included in this toolkit introduce key concepts, definitions, and short video lectures from research experts on integrating sex and gender into a variety of research methodologies – from secondary data analysis to concept mapping. Case studies, knowledge reviews, and short quizzes all help reinforce the described steps and strategies.

The Health Researcher’s Toolkit is an adaptation of the workshop “Integrating Sex and Gender in Health Research” delivered at Women’s College Hospital in the spring of 2017. We would like to acknowledge our funders the Canadian Institute for Health Research and Diabetes Action Canada, as well as the members of our Community of Inquiry who generously reviewed and provided essential feedback on earlier drafts of the content. We would like to thank individually our Community of Inquiry: Maureen O’Neil, Vasanthi Srinivasan, Susan Bronskill, Paula Harvey, Monica Parry, Janice Du Mont, Sherina Macedo, Carley Hay, Nicole Woods and Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon.