How to Apply

Women’s Xchange is launching the use of REDCap, a secure online database, for the $15K Challenge! For this upcoming winter 2019 round, please follow the link below to the online portal and upload all requested information.

Click here to download the Women’s Xchange REDCap Manual.

As this is our initial competition with REDCap we will still be accepting applications as detailed below. However, we appreciate the use of our new online tool!

Complete a "Notice of Intent"

All organizations interested in applying to the $15K Challenge need to complete a "Notice of Intent". To do this, one member of your project team sends an e-mail to containing the following:

    • Your full name
    • The name of the community or academic organization you are applying on behalf of;
    • The number of applications you intend to submit for the upcoming deadline; and
    • The working title of your project/research.

We do not need further details on your research project or research team in the Notice of Intent. NOI are due December 7, 2018.

Please note the following change to our funding criteria:

      • If you currently hold a $15K grant from Women’s Xchange, your funded project must be completed before you can re-apply (meaning your reporting requirements - including an Executive Summary, Financial Report and required video has been submitted to Women's Xchange).
      • Principal Investigators can only hold one $15K grant a time.

Submit an application package

1. E-mail one electronic copy of the package to:

The electronic copy of your application package must be received before 4:00 p.m. January 10, 2019 to be considered for funding.

2. Send one hard copy of the package to:

Attn: Women's Xchange (Amy Clare), 6th Floor, Rm. 6433
Women's College Hospital
76 Grenville Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1B2

The hard copy of your application package must be post-marked January 10, 2019 and arrive shortly after to be considered for funding.

Both electronic and hard copy application packages must be complete to be considered for funding. If one component of the package is missing (i.e. a CV/resume, not having all team members signatures on the application form), you will be contacted and your application will not be reviewed.

What Happens After the Funded Year — Reporting

Executive Summary
Six Months Post-Project
Application Package