Forms & Checklist

The Application Package includes:

  1. Administrative Details Form
  2. Project Information Form
  3. Budget Form
  4. CVs of the principal applicant and each team member
  5. Annual Report of the principal applicant’s organization
  6. If you are resubmitting a previously unsuccessful application, please include:
    • The Summary of the Committee Report you received outlining the committee’s review.
    • A one-page document addressing the changes you have made in response to the committee’s suggestions.


1. Administrative Details Form
This form helps us understand the administrative aspects of your proposed project. We ask basic questions about the principal applicant, including their affiliated organization. We also ask questions about any collaborating organization(s). At the end of this form, we ask for a signature from the principal applicant and each team member. Upon signing this form, you acknowledge that the information you have provided us with is true and correct.

2. Project Information Form
The Project Information Form is the core of the application – it is where you describe the details of your project. Descriptions for what is required in each section are detailed in the Application Guidelines.

3. Budget Form
Include a justification/rationale for each cost listed under the pre-populated headings (in addition to any miscellaneous costs not listed in the categories). More detailed information is provided in the Application Guidelines.

4. Curriculum Vitae of the Principal Applicant and Each Team Member
Provide CVs or resumes of the principal applicant and each project team member you listed on the Administrative Details form.

5. Annual Report of Trustee Organization
Please include the latest annual report of the principal applicant’s organization with the application package. If your organization does not produce an annual report, an audited financial statement must be included. We DO NOT require an annual report if the principal applicant is applying on behalf of a university or hospital.

Have you included everything in your application package?

Before you put your application in the mail, download our guidelines and checklist to make sure you’ve included everything.

Application Guidelines.

Download Checklist

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