Application Considerations & FAQs

Ethical Considerations

Women’s Xchange is committed to supporting research that respects and protects all participants.

Ethics approval is not required at the time of application, but successful applicants will be responsible for obtaining such approval from the relevant research ethics review board before beginning their research activities. If your project is funded and you do not have access to a university or community research ethics board, you must contact Women’s Xchange and we will arrange for a review to take place through the Community Research Ethics Office.

The time required for ethics review varies by project and by ethics review board. Successful applicants are encouraged to plan for a minimum of 2-3 months following submission for ethics review. .

Looking for Help?

The Scientific Lead is a member of the Women’s Xchange team with the skills and abilities to aid community-based organizations in conceptualizing their project and methodology to achieve the defined objectives. Examples of issues to bring to the Scientific Lead include :

  • Pre-application assistance to help determine if any other community groups are addressing the same issue that you propose to address
  • Translating your project idea into a research question
  • Questions about appropriate methods for data collection and analysis
  • Help deciding if your project needs research ethics board approval



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